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A rental phone which is an inexpensive way to get in touch while in Japan.
For example: Getting in touch with friends in Japan tourist resorts, your GSM mobile phones cannot be used in some/many cases.
(If working, you will be billed expensive roaming charges.)
Because you must pay for International mobile phone charges even if you just call a friend in the same area/place.
So if you have a phone to be rented here in Japan, it will be more convenient.
A rental phone will not charge you with international mobile phone charges unlike your mobile phone from your own country.
What is a rental phone?
  • You can only send a number of messages that you have paid for.
  • It will not exceed the limit of prepaid amounts.
  • A rental phone can receive incoming calls even if prepaid amounts was depleted.
  • Prepaid amounts has already been charged in advance to a rental phone.
  • If the prepaid amount is already depleted, you can reload it.
10 days plan
Initial cost : 1,050 yen
Daily rates : 315 yen x 10 days
Total Fee : 4,200 yen + Prepaid Amounts
20 days plan
Initial cost : 1,050 yen
Daily rates : 315 yen x 20 days
Total Fee : 7,350 yen + Prepaid Amounts
30 days plan
Initial cost : 1,050 yen
Daily rates : 315 yen x 30 days
Total Fee : 10,500 yen + Prepaid Amounts
Prepaid Amounts 1,000 yen You can get in touch for about 10 minutes total.
3,000 yen You can get in touch for about 30 minutes total. This has the Reload bonus of equivalent to 300 yen.
How to Use
  1. Please order from the Order button.
  2. Please send to us your passport copy.
  3. Payment (Credit card)
  4. Please accept delivery on a specified date or at our office.
How to Return
  • Return by such as Postal or Courier. (Please bear the carriage.)
  • Return by direct posting in our office.
About a rental phone
A rental phone is available to Calls only, And can use SMS in between our rental phones.
(Unavailable to Email, MMS, Web and other network functions.)

The cancellation after ordered
Please contact us 3 working days before the start date.
Cannot be refunded if the period has already expired.

If damaged or submerged
If damaged or submerged will take the repair cost of 21,000 yen.

If robbed or loss
Please contact us ASAP.